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Meet the Godspeak ministry staff! We are a band of brothers and sisters passionate about serving Jesus and our community. We don’t just love ministry, we love the people that we get to do ministry with. From preaching sermons, to cleaning bathrooms, everything we do we do to glorify our Lord, Jesus Christ.

rob mccoy

Rob McCoy

Senior Pastor

Rob McCoy, the Senior Pastor of Godspeak Calvary Chapel of Thousand Oaks, is the son of a conservative Naval officer father and a Republican activist mother. An All-American Water Polo player and a National Finalist Swimmer, he graduated from California State University Fresno with a B.A. in History and received his seminary training from The Mennonite Brethren Biblical Seminary in Fresno, California. Prior to entering the ministry, he was a Divisional Manager with Unilever and an Area Manager with Chesebrough Ponds, Inc. He has served as the Senior Pastor of Godspeak Calvary Chapel of Thousand Oaks for 17 years. He and his wife, Michelle, have been married 28 years and have 5 children and 5 grandchildren

Rick Brown

Co-Senior Pastor

God, please forgive me for all the wicked stuff I’ve been doing. So began the spiritual journey of a desperate bull rider from Filer, Idaho. Rick says he was the least likely person to end up a pastor, yet the Lord had a calling on the life of this rodeo cowboy. Living a hard life of promiscuity, substance abuse, violence, and crime, Rick learned to live with a survival mentality, fending for himself through his family’s constant moves and brokenness. Partying hard through his teen years, he eventually realized his need for a Savior after failing to fill the deep void in his life. One Sunday afternoon, alone and half-drunk, he got down on his knees and cried out to the Lord for forgiveness. That simple prayer marked the beginning of a radical change in Rick’s life. Rick married his high school sweetheart, Tammy in 1985 and the couple are proud parents of two grown children and two grandchildren.

rick brown

Pastoral Staff


Craig Linquist

Missions & Assistant Pastor


Jerry Jimenez

Assistant Pastor


Micah Stephens

Worship & Admin Pastor


Raymond Cruz

Assistant Pastor & Counselor


James Crawford

Young Adults Pastor


Tony Logan

Executive Pastor

Ministry Staff


Domonick Mariniello

Youth Ministry Director


Dewey Coleman

Facilities Tech & Worship


Eric Swain

Studio Manager


Vivian Vang

Children’s Ministry Assistant


Dave Plumley

Tech Director


Lucas Crawford

Youth Ministry Asst. Director


Kelly Crawford

Administrative Assistant


Priscilla Jimenez

Admin Assistant


Ira Swartz

Children’s Ministry Asst. Director


Maddie Bland

Creative Asst. Director


Garrett Backstrom

Creative Director


Devon Foster

Sound Director


Tammie Schuett

Children’s Ministry Director


Jeannette Fekkes

Children’s Ministry Assistant

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